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Neuroscientific Intricacies[working]

This is a standalone post about real life neuroscientific intricacies that may play a part in how information is processed in the brain, mostly not respected by current models of neural networks. The list is totally speculative and not exhaustive nor accurately relevant, but it’s fun to think about them 🙂

Don’t click in, this post is a placeholder, update pending.

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ND1 Why and Why Not IF: Issues With Integrate and Fire Model[working]


status: being updated.

The original title is: ‘Neuronal Dynamics, the Basics’ but now that I think of it’s too big a topic to be covered in one article, so I should probably start a series, on neuronal dynamical issues pertaining to SNNs.

This series will only cover relevant issues(that I deem them to be) about SNNs so it’s by no mean comprehensive(something you really shouldn’t expect from a amateur blogger) nor even correct/applicable.

The main ideas are extracted from a great textbook on neuronal dynamics[1], with some supplement information from several papers. Personal hunches and wild guesses will be marked out.

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wth is that



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  • 10种三明治
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Given Up

Hello World

哎 我好懒 干脆就选了一个最恶俗的first post标题,不管了。


在着手做迁移的时候出了各种大大小小的问题,升级了wp之后页面还有很多故障,干脆全站爆破之后重建了这里(随后才发现之前的页面故障是因为js concatenation的问题)。